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Man Rescues Girl from Alleged Kidnapping

28 Aug 2011

Man Rescues New Mexico Girl from Suspected Kidnapping

August 15, 2011--When New Mexico resident Antonio Diaz Chacon saw a little girl being snatched from the street and placed into a blue van, he had no doubt about what he needed to do. He jumped into his own car and followed.

The 6-year-old victim had been going to a neighbor's house for a package of tostadas when she was grabbed from the street. Diaz had seen the man cover the girl's mouth and place her into the van. A neighbor screamed in Spanish, "Let her go, she's not yours!"

Martha Diaz said her husband told her he was going to block the way, that he was going to stop him. Martha called 911 as her husband left to follow the van.

After several miles, the van crashed into a light pole, and Diaz was able to save the little girl from the kidnapping attempt. The suspect, 29-year-old Phillip Garcia, fled down the roadway on foot but was quickly arrested by police. Garcia has been charged with kidnapping and child abuse.

Antonio Diaz says he is not a hero and that he is just an average person who did what anybody could or should have done in that situation. 

But not everyone would have--and that's what makes Antonio Diaz a hero.