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By Pete Barkelew, proprietor of (and calligrapher for those artistic ecards you see around here)

I am a huge sports fan!  Especially College Football...

My wife (since 1972) has always told me, I should have been a Sportscaster... like Chris Berman at ESPN (WOW! What a dream job - he's great, perfect even!)... anyway...  didn't do it, doesn't matter... did this instead!

But... I DO get to share some of the BEST, MOST INSPIRATIONAL SPORTS STORIES of our entire lifetimes, right here, in the "Inspiring Stories" section of ('cause I'm the owner ;-)

I really hope you enjoy reading, watching and sharing these stories as much as I do. If you really like what we've got here, you'd do us a great honor by sharing this stuff with your friends and family (HINT: Just hit the "SHARE" Button on any page to share it - even post it FaceBook, etc.) (TIP: If you ever want to translate anything here, just click the Google Translate button on any page).

So, without further ado... what are you waiting for?? ENJOY!!
And be sure to see the story about Frank Reich... Comeback King of Football!
I wrote it (it's better than this note ;-)  After your learn about him, I really want you to see him speak... It may change your life... and business... it's that good.

Now go on... really... get out out of here. Start perusing these uplifting, motivating and inspiring stories we have for you at Inspire21.

And thanks for being here!!

A setback is a set-up for a comeback