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-- Author Unknown

Friends love you tops when you are at the bottom.
Friends look up to you when the rest of the world is looking down.
Friends lets you step on their toes to help you get on your feet.
Friends show you the meaning of true friendship, not the meaningless of it.
Friends shoot straight with you, not at you.
Friends know most of your faults and care the least.
Friends tell you when you are wrong, and not everybody else.
Friends don't complain when you neglect them, only when you neglect yourself.
Friends let you worry them more than their enemies.
Friends want to know about your achievements as well as your losses.
Friends are behind you when you're taking bows and beside you when taking boos.
Friends don't split with you, when you flop, but split what they have.
Friends are your best press agents and they do this for free.
Friends have no greater love than to lay down their lives for their Friends.

Thank you for being my Friend.