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The Face of Christ

We offer this image below for your inspiration. Look  at the lines the artist used to draw this picture of Christ.  The  longer you look at this picture, the more you see. There  are many scenes from Christ's life.  Have you ever seen anything like  this?

The world famous artist is Joe Castillo. Joe became involved with art at an early age. By five he was passionately painting and drawing daily. By eight his father was teaching him to hand letter brush script. Then, at fourteen, he attended an artist’s chalk talk at a Christian youth camp in Mexico. He was so moved by the drawing and the powerful message that he accepted Christ that night. For the next forty years his love of art and his passion for God would inspire and guide his life through many interesting twists and turns.

Evidently, the image below is an earlier illustration (sent by email). It is more detailed now and available in print. Learn more about Joe and this famous  image, and how you can purchase it, at his web site - click here.

Share this with friends as well. In the Circle of God's love, He is waiting to use your full potential. May God bless us all in our endeavors to serve Him.

Face of Christ