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Many of these sites are doing good for mankind, and we truly want to support them. Others have been of special help to us (in designing and bringing you, and some are now helping to promote us in return. One of the first sites I frequented, which offered tons of free advice for website newbies (like me), was Big Nose Bird. They have all kinds of scripts, tutorials and services from which to benefit, not to mention it's a lot of fun reading the humorous content. If you're going to "live in the now," and get involved in the Internet, you'll appreciate these folks for all of their free expertise, scripts, and many other reasons. -- Pete Barkelew,

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Attitude Vitamin – The Attitude Vitamin web site is a place where attitudes shift daily, causing happier, more fulfilled lives. For a free inspiring story, and more information about this program, visit the "Attitude Vitamin" now.

Covenant - Covenant Arts features personalized Holy Bibles in King James Version and Catholic New American, in both English and Spanish. Perfect gifts for weddings, christenings, first communions, born again celebrations and anniversaries, They also make great family heirlooms.


The Hunger Site - Everyone can go to this site, once a day, click on an icon and starving children get food. Sponsors, with small banners on the page, pay for the food. All we have to do is prove people visit the site. Please go there now, bookmark the page, and return often. Thanks!
The Child Survival Site - This is another site like The Hunger Site above. In fact, they're associated with each other, as well as the Breast Cancer Site below. I realize it's a lot to ask, but please consider visiting these sites, clicking the main buttons and helping them as often as possible.
The Breast Cancer Site - Everyone can do so much with so little effort with these three sites. The next favor I would ask is for you to mention one or all of these sites and donation requests to your email friends and family. Thanks a million!

Mark Maxwell is one of the most accomplished musicians I've ever heard. I've been listening and looking for that perfect background music for visitors to hear while they browse around (this is still being worked out - coming soon). Check out Mark's website and his music on CDs.
While browsing through these ecards, enjoy the calming sounds of classical guitar by Mark Maxwell.

Artist Timothy R. Botts is one of the premier calligraphers in the world. He has held calligraphy workshops in many cities including Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and Tokyo.
Timothy's work is widely exhibited in such shows as "Calligraphy in the Graphic Arts" at Master Eagle Gallery in New York and "Visions of the Spirit" at Washington National Cathedral. He was curator of "Scribes of Hope," a traveling calligraphy exhibit of Christians in the Visual Arts. His work was recently purchased for the Newberry Library's permanent collection.
Timothy is a graduate in graphic design from Carnegie-Mellon University. As Senior Art Director at Tyndale House Publishers, he has designed more than 700 books over the past 25 years.

Calligraphy Centre - Artists of the written word.
The Site has three main parts: John Stevens Calligraphy & Lettering Design which features lettering & calligraphy for graphic design and logos as well as a new gallery of personal work. Joyce Tetas’ studio features calligraphic services such as wedding invitations, certificates, envelope addressing and other social & business types of calligraphy. Lastly, this is also a site for learning: offering classes and a twice yearly, week-long calligraphy retreat known as Cheerio.

Raphael Boguslav is one of the best I’ve ever seen at logo, package, calligraphy and hand lettering design. You’ve got to see this site.
Alphabytes ... featuring Robert E. Leuschke.
Since 1996 Alphabytes has been on the World Wide Web, dedicated to excellence in graphic design and the promotion of typography, calligraphy, and the lettering arts. Visit links and find information of interest to graphic designers and especially to lettering artists.
Alphabetica is another extraordinary site for beautiful calligraphy and hand lettering design.

This is one of the most brilliant people and places on the worldwide web. Mr. O'Reilly has all the info you could ever need to build and promote a website. You'll find all sorts of books available on the subject.
SitePoint is, without a doubt, one of my favorite sites and sources for website production and management. Check them out, and subscribe to their ezine.
Web Monkey has everything you could ever want to know about site production, design and promotion. Highly knowledgeable and respected on the Internet. This is a must see for newbies and pros alike.

There are many other places we'd like to share with you, so please check back.
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