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If you ever get lost, you can always access ecards from the 'nav bar' at the top of each page (TOPICS), or from the text links on the left side of all Topic pages. You can also click "Topics" in the link under each ecard.

All Topic Pages can also be accessed sequentially by clicking the NEXT arrows (shown at the top of Topic Pages), which allows you to browse from one topic to the next and back. When you arrive at a Topic Page, simply click any thumbnail to view the actual, full-size eCard. If you find it too difficult to read the reduced script in these thumbnail images, you can easily read them by clicking the QUOTE LINKS icon (shown below - it's called 'TEXT LINKS' for Scripture and Special Occasion Topics). Then click the links to view corresponding ecards.

When an actual ecard loads into view, you can:
1. Read it and, then, return to the most recent Topic page by clicking the BACK button located at the bottom of each ecard. – OR –
2. Send the ecard to someone by clicking the "eMAIL" button. Then fill out the email information required. When done, you can view the ecard and/or send it immediately
– OR – You can postdate the ecard for future delivery. Go back to the email form
(click BACK button) and send it on the date you select - up to 6 years into the future.
OR – If you sent the ecard to someone – you can go BACK to the form and send the
ecard again to someone else - click the SEND AGAIN button on the "Ecard Sent" confirmation page – OR –
3. Click one of the links underneath each ecard to visit another section of the site.
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This will help us provide what our visitors want and need.
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