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Custom Wordart

Custom Calligraphy, Hand Lettering and Contemporary Wordart
for Logos, Slogans, Package Designs, Web Sites and More...
all designed by Pete Barkelew, owner of

If you're looking for some custom lettering work to be done, consider using Pete Barkelew's "Wordart"... the same calligraphic styles used for ecards.

Hand lettering stands out from commercial type fonts (even calligraphic-styles), because of the imperfect, yet beautifully lettered "personal touch."  If you want to "draw attention" to your work, consider using Wordart for your logo or message.

Below are just a few of the Signature-type logos and other designs done over the years. For more examples, and testimonials from national design buyers, visit Pete's marketing site:




Keep in mind, Wordart is also available for other needs such as Announcement Ads, Restaurant Menus, Invitations, even wedding envelopes. Call 706-296-8590 or email Pete Barkelew at:

Even if you have your copy right,
it won't be read if it isn't seen.
Draw attention to your message
with personalized hand lettering.

Thank you for your consideration!

For more info, call Pete Barkelew @ 706-296-8590